Hey 👋, I'm Alex, a director, cinematographer, photographer, and editor rooted in Baltimore, Maryland.

A different outlook on all things creative

I’m a student attending Loyola University Maryland and the Owner and Director of Brune Digital Media, a video production agency that works to create Content with a Purpose. I’ve also worked on the creative and marketing teams at MISSION, various creative roles at Church of the Nativity and in many creative roles at Loyola University Maryland.

I’ve had the chance to work with clients such as Nike Lacrosse, STX, Under Armour, Loyola Athletics, Calvert Hall College High School, and Maryvale Preparatory School.

Through ever project and every piece of creative work – I want to create something different and make the audience feel something.


Purpose is what it's all about. Without it, why do we do this? I believe each video, each project, needs to be purpose driven and motivated by a story. Storytelling, that's the key.

Some friends who I’ve gotten along with…
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