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Gianni Vito

Patrick Tejeda

Acceptance Day is a big one, and Calvert Hall wanted each letter to be personal.

In Maryland when someone asks where you went to school, they don’t care about college, they want to know high school. So, for the many private high schools in the area, acceptance day is a big one. 

That second Thursday in February is always a big day as 8th graders receive acceptances from each school they applied to. It’s the final touchpoint for a school to have before making their big decision, so why not make it the most personal one?

acceptance day - noun

The final opportunity to prove to your prospective students that this is the place for them.

Why Personalized?

Let’s face it. Accepted Students on this day are receiving 6 emails, at the same time that say “Welcome to ____.” You need to stand out amidst the chaos. When a student opens their email and it showcases a custom thumbnail, they click a link and confetti starts falling down their screen and it says “Welcome, Paul!” You’ve already won half the battle, you’ve got their attention.

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