Cardinal & Gold


Calvert Hall Athletics


Ryan Hiebler (Photographer)

Lucas Busko (Camera Operator)

Cam Wallace (Key Grip)

Image Engineering (SFX)

Danielle Hladky

Dan Mulford

Jumbotron? Yes please!

When Calvert Hall received a donor who was willing to upgrade their old score board to a new state of the art Video Board, they knew immediately this meant needing new content that could be played on the board during games.

Immediately I knew we had to bring on Image Engineering and they pitched a large truss section with laser bars that would create an incredible atmospheric effect.

I took on the role of creative director through the project as well as cinematographer and editor.

We worked with two stations (photo and video) in an 8 hour day to get through all 125 football and soccer athletes.Β 

Other school’s have video boards…Why aren’t they using them?

We knew that half the battle of this project was going to be making something “cool.” We had to proveΒ  to the donor’s who made this video board possible that it was worth it. Other schools in the area had boards, but didn’t do anything except use it as a score board.Β 

How do we make it “cool?” Simple, actually.

Lasers πŸ’₯. We worked with Kelly Kamp and the team at Image Engineering to pull reference photos from some of their NFL clients walk out shows to gain inspiration for the possibility using their in house design and engineered Light Vector lasers. With the ability to change color, designs and movement of the lasers…the possibilities were endless.

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